Why I Walk – Anne Overington

Why I Walk Wed_Anne

My name is Anne Overington, and I walk in honor of my mother, Annete Seidell. She was always the caregiver. Cooking, Gardening. Taking care of her family. I loved my Mom very much and not a day goes by that I don’t remember her.

I participated in my first Walk 6 years ago because I worked for a senior community. Looking back now, it’s clear that something was going on with my Mom at the same time, but we weren’t recognizing the symptoms. Sometimes the closer we are to it, the less we seem to recognize.

Mom passed away in March of 2013 at the age of 87. Her and my Dad had been married 63 years by then.

It is an honor to walk in my Mom’s memory. The Walk is such a special day. To be surrounded by other people that have been through a similar situation, the shared journey, the shared challenges.

I also walk for my community. I guarantee we all know someone, directly or indirectly, that is dealing with Alzheimer’s. We all need to stand up, support it, promote it and ultimately cure it!



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