Why I Walk – Lee Edwards


My name is Lee Edwards and I Walk for my sweet 91-year-old mother, Lois Amidon, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about six years ago. The cause is personal for me and this year will mark my tenth Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

My mom’s mom had ‘hardening of the arteries’ and I witnessed my mother take care of her. Now I am taking care of my mom much the same way. I Walk because I don’t want my daughter to have to take care of me one day.

My mom realizes she can’t remember what she had for lunch or what she did an hour ago, but she has a positive attitude and trusts that I am taking care of her. I know that she is in a safe place and has amazing caregivers. She is lucky, but so many with Alzheimer’s are not.

I Walk to raise funds and to raise awareness.

While my personal story motivates me to raise as much money as I can, it is also important to me that people realize my mom’s condition isn’t just because she is old. Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease and not a normal part of aging.

Alzheimer’s and dementia are huge problems and we need a cure.

If every single person just raised a little bit, imagine how that would add up. We will make a huge difference in the community when we all come together!

To register your team, or to donate, please visit alz.org/walk

Northern Neck – Middle Peninsula: September 20th
Register/donate at http://bit.ly/ALZ_Walk_NorthernNeck

Fredericksburg: September 27th
Register/donate at http://bit.ly/ALZ_Walk_Fredericksburg

Tri-Cities: October 18th
Register/donate at http://bit.ly/ALZ_Walk_TriCities

Richmond: October 18th
Register/donate at http://bit.ly/ALZ_Walk_GRVA


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