Why I Walk – Mary Ann Johnson

Why I Walk

My name is Mary Ann Johnson and I Walk for my mother and my grandchildren. My mother turned 100 years old on August 10th of this year and has been dealing with the cognitive issues of probable Alzheimer’s for over 15 years.

She is still her sweet self and her social skills make her a love to everyone who meets her. She was a teacher and one of her first grade students actually came to her 100th birthday party!

My mother never wanted this disease and fought hard to not let us know what she was dealing with.

I Walk so that others are aware they are not alone. I Walk to let others know there are services in their community to help.

I Walk so we can accelerate research and find a cure so that my mother’s grandchildren and great grandchildren
will never have to experience the burden and sadness that accompanies caring for a person living with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia disease.

Get involved!

Register for one of our Central Virginia Walks:

Tri-Cities: October 18th
Register/donate at http://bit.ly/ALZ_Walk_TriCities

Richmond: October 18th
Register/donate at http://bit.ly/ALZ_Walk_GRVA

Northern Neck – Middle Peninsula: This Walk was held on September 20th, but you can still donate at http://bit.ly/ALZ_Walk_NorthernNeck

Fredericksburg: This Walk was held on September 27th, but you can still donate at http://bit.ly/ALZ_Walk_Fredericksburg


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