Why I Walk – Shelbi Tabler


My name is Shelbi Tabler and I Walk in honor of my Mom, Kathy, who was diagnosed with early onset dementia at the age of 56. She started showing signs at age 54 and is now in the late stages and no longer communicates and hasn’t recognized family in several years. My Mom has been in full-time, secure care for the past 7 years.

My children are 7 and 4 and my nephews are 9 and 7. At a pivotal stage in her life, becoming a grandmother, she was not only robbed of the absolute joy and love of her grandchildren, but also slowly stripped of her memories of life.

She was my best friend. Truly, my best friend. She was an exceptional mom. A true beauty in every sense of the word. My only comfort comes in my absolute confidence that she knew exactly how much I loved her and my knowing just how much she loved me.

She was simply a very proud and caring mother, a fun-loving spirit, a loyal friend, just an absolute beautiful woman inside & out. She had an infectious laugh and smile.

Aside from the obvious emotional toll on her family and friends, her physical transformation has been devastating to watch. This journey has been our nightmare and my personal struggle – unable to help her, having to watch her slowly disappear and desperately try to say goodbye – first fearful, then angry, to incredibly sad, to acceptance that this will not change.

I Walk to honor her life, because she cannot.

I Walk in hopes that my children will never have to experience what I have with my mom.

I Walk with confidence that a cure has to be so close.

I Walk because this disease scares me to death.

I Walk because I miss her every day and she’s still right here.

I Walk because I love her and she would be proud.

Get involved!

Register for one of our Central Virginia Walks:

Tri-Cities: October 18th
Register/donate at http://bit.ly/ALZ_Walk_TriCities

Richmond: October 18th
Register/donate at http://bit.ly/ALZ_Walk_GRVA

Northern Neck – Middle Peninsula: This Walk was held on September 20th, but you can still donate at http://bit.ly/ALZ_Walk_NorthernNeck

Fredericksburg: This Walk was held on September 27th, but you can still donate at http://bit.ly/ALZ_Walk_Fredericksburg


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