Holiday Gift Ideas for Individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia

Gift boxes

Early Stages:
• Electric coffee or teapots which turn off after a short period of time
• Day planners to keep track of appointments and special days
• Medication holders with timers which can be set to signal when doses are due
• Photo albums with names and dates next to each picture
• A Safe Return registration. It might be easier to get someone to wear the bracelet
or necklace if it is given as a gift.

Middle Stages:
• Bird feeder
• Simple-to-manage clothing like jogging suits or clothes with Velcro fasteners
• Gift certificates for a hair salon or manicure
• Music, especially older music such as barber shop, country, or oldies
• Short trips in the car
• Hand-held shower
• Bath/shower chair
• Slip-on shoes/Velcro closure

Late Stage:
• Cuddly stuffed animals
• Dolls (many women seem to enjoy a doll baby)
• Music, especially from the 30’s and 40’s and classical music
• Soft pillows and afghans
• Colorful mobiles and crystal prisms
• Blooming plants
• Hand and body lotions for a back rub or hand massage

Caregivers Wishlist:

• The gift of time for themselves!!
Offer to provide respite care a few hours a week or tie it to a specific activity such as a gift certificate for a manicure or a facial, an invitation to a movie or the theater or dinner out, with respite care provided. Take a meal with paper products
so there is no cooking or clean-up.
• Books by favorite authors
• Cassette player and tapes
• Cordless phones (useful for private conversations)
• DVDs of old-time classic movies and musicals
• Digital ear thermometer (faster and easier to use)
• Intercom, especially the portable ones that can be moved from room to room
• Exit alarms for the doors
• Cordless electric razor (safer and prevents electric shock)


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