Why I Walk – Fran Zehmer


My name is Fran Zehmer, and I Walk to End Alzheimer’s for my husband, Jack.

More than eleven years ago my husband Jack was diagnosed with dementia. He was 62.

Jack was an author and avid traveler and had just retired from a career as an architectural historian and was looking forward to having time to complete several books and take a number of trips. The progression of the disease made finishing the books a growing strain on him, and the possibility of the trips disappeared.

As a couple, we turned to the Alzheimer’s Association Greater Richmond Chapter for guidance, attending the organization’s support group meetings and gathering vital information about the disease.

Because of the Association, we both learned how to navigate the potholes in the long road of memory loss and with the Association’s help it became very clear that until a cure is found, countless other couples will have to face what we are facing daily.

Finding a cure will take extensive research. Extensive research takes money.

Until a cure is found, more support for caregivers is vitally needed. Funds are needed for respite care and educational resources that can help caregivers better handle the unpredictable challenges that may face them.

So I Walk to help raise funding to find a cure.

I Walk to help fund support for other caregivers in their unpredictable journey.

And I Walk for Jack, who I am sure would not have wanted the evaporation of his mind to have happened.

You can now register for the 2015 Walks to End Alzheimer’s!

Northern Neck – Middle Peninsula; Saturday, September 19th at Bethpage Camp Resort. Register and donate at bit.ly/NNMPWalkToEndALZ2015

Fredericksburg; Saturday, September 26th at University of Mary Washington. Register and donate at bit.ly/FredericksburgWalkToEndALZ2015

Richmond Walk to End Alzheimer’s; Saturday, November 7th at Innsbrook. Register and donate at bit.ly/RVAWalkToEndALZ2015


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